5 easy recipes to try with your kids this summer

01 May 2019

Get your children interested in food by exploring these excellent kid-friendly recipe ideas! 

Getting your kids engaged with mealtimes can be a challenge for any parent. But it doesn’t have to be.

One great way to get your children to engage with the food they eat is to involve them in making it. With the summer holidays upon us, now’s a great time to get into the kitchen with your little ones and cook up something tasty.

Here are five excellent recipes to get their creative juices flowing…

1. Courgette chips

As recipes go, courgette chips couldn’t be simpler and they’re a great healthy alternative to the regular potato varieties that most kids love so much. It doesn’t take much preparation, simply slice a courgette into wedges, season with a little salt, pepper, herbs and parmesan, and stick in the oven to bake.

2. Baguette pizzas
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The ultimate kids’ recipe, these are a firm favourite with children because they’re just so delicious! Chop up some crusty baguettes, slather on a simple tomato sauce base, and then your little ones can top with cheese, salami, spinach, mushrooms - basically whatever takes their fancy. And to mix things up, why not try making sweet pizzas for a change

3. Chocolate fridge cake

A chocolate fridge cake is a real treat for kids with a sweet tooth and it doesn’t require any baking, meaning there’s no danger of your children getting hot and flustered in the kitchen. Another great thing about fridge cakes is that they are entirely customisable, meaning that the kids can add in anything that takes their fancy, from marshmallows and gummy bears, to healthier options like raisins or pecans.

4. Banana bread

Although the most complicated idea on our list, making banana bread is a simple way to teach children all about the wonders of measuring ingredients. The best part for the kids will probably be mashing the bananas, but the taste at the end isn’t bad, either. Why not try toasting a slice and spreading on some jam or peanut butter?

5. Fruity ice lollies

As temperatures across the UK continue to soar, keep the kids cool with some homemade ice lollies. Blend up some berries (or whatever your kids’ favourite fruit may be) put them in a lolly mould and top up with Greek yogurt. Freeze for a few hours and you have an excellent, healthy snack to cool everyone down.

Do you have any great kids’ recipe ideas? Let us know in the comments section below…


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