The people behind the brand

Sunil joined his father in 1983 and two disagreements later, his father decided to retire. Sunil's passion is to manage a successful business allowing his wonderful team to make a valued contribution to building a world class bedlinen brand. Business is simple so why complicate it. When he's not thinking about belledorm, he has grandchildren to babysit, golf courses to play, black runs to ski and places to visit around the globe. Our boss also loves a Sauvignon Blanc and you will always find him the first on the dance floor!

Abs is the newest member of the team who joined Belledorm in 2020 to join his father Sunil and look after the online side of our business. In his previous career Abs tried to make it as a professional golfer, now he actually enjoys playing golf as it isn't for a living. Born and bred in Manchester means he is an avid United fan and is very proud of our business which is nestled in the north of the country and home of the textile industry.

Kriti is the gate keeper of goods inwards. She play's a large part in carefully selecting all of our ranges, ensuring stock meets the highest standards, worthy of our signature branding. She hold's a red belt in Kick boxing and trains regularly when she's not chauffeuring her two children around. She loves to travel, and is usually the envy of the office with all her holidays pics.

Sam looks after our Operations and a number of key customer accounts. If you have a problem that needs solving or some leftovers that need finishing he's your man! He's worked for the business for 18 years - plucked straight from University, but still gets ID'd in supermarkets even though he's nearly touching 40! He became a father for the first time in 2021 to daughter Maeva and will be the first to tell you his party days are over! In the little spare time he has, he loves photography (in fact all these photos are his!), travel, DJing and Memes. But his greatest passion above all else is food!

Nick's grandfather was Peruvian he's one quarter South American, possibly the source of the passion he has for our business and personal life. After 32 years with our company, he is still learning and developing. The challenges of making business relationships low maintenance and personal are his priority. He delights in matching the right products to suit each customers business. Nick's speciality skills are concession planning and merchandise input. Out of work, he is equally happy walking Kinder Scout or paddle boarding! (he's also quite partial to good red wine!)

Sally's role is a "little bit of this and a little bit of that" we would describe her as a sounding board for whoever and whenever. She is happy to analyse sales, work with design and production and is always keen to work out the stock deals. Ask her to cut margins at your peril! A keen outdoor swimmer but only in a nicely heated outdoor pool so please don't be too impressed. Out of work Sally is a proud and doting grandma who likes to be kept busy!

Dean has been with the group since 2013 and started with humble beginnings on our loading bay. As Belledorm’s warehouse manager he covers many aspects of operations including order processing, inventory control, space management, logistics and transport, as well as purchasing of materials and machinery. He is Belledorm’s “self-proclaimed” reigning and undefeated 2023 table tennis champion, just don’t tell Greg in the warehouse. Dean could be considered Belledorm’s most tattooed staff member! In his spare time, he loves nothing more than packing his bag and disappearing into the woods or the mountains for a weekend of wild camping.

Michael has many years' experience in eCommerce. He's full of ideas and he's our regular brainstorm trooper. His responsibilities also ensure the smooth functioning of our website. This includes monitoring website traffic, managing website content, ensuring website security, and troubleshooting any issues that might arise. Away from Belledorm he enjoys Stand Up Comedy and even attempted to be funny on stage.. it was a mid-life crisis kind of moment!

Neil oversees and goes overseas as much as he can! Not too sure what his title is as he does so much for the company. If we were to give him a title it would have to be along the lines of "Head Swiss army knife", why you ask? The definition is here - The Swiss Army Knife has become an icon and is regarded as the embodiment of multifunctionality, inventiveness and Swiss precision. Besides key account management social media management, Neil also looks after the office fish tank. Neil wasn't around to be asked for a brief statement so we took it on ourselves to write an honest and precise overview of him.

Chris wears a few different hats at belledorm. He actions a wide range of tasks on a daily basis, his main role and focus at belledorm is keeping our customers happy, selling our exceptional products, talking a lot and getting things done. He enjoys keeping fit, exploring and trying new places to eat. He also enjoys a game of badminton and still plays regularly having played up to county standard as a teenager and he still makes an appearance in the Inter County league.

Gabriela brings energy and an infectious personality to our company. Collaborates with suppliers to negotiate prices, quantities, and timescales, as well as analysing sales figures, customers reactions and market trends to anticipate product needs. She loves spending time with her family and moulds her life around them juggling a busy family life and work.

Kat's job here at Belledorm is to check our stock levels and order new stock from our suppliers. She also uploads all our latest products to our website and helps in other areas if needed. Kat has been around the globe. She was born in Germany, moved to Texas then ended up in sunny Bolton in 2017. In her free time, she does crafts, bakes German cheesecake for the office, which doesn't help our waistline, and spends time with her dogs and family.

Debs ensures our systems integrate seamlessly so that we can service our customers with their orders fast and efficiently. If she's not distributing labels to the team, Debs is armed with a feather duster. Being organised and clean is something she's obsessed with, both in work and at home. When she does take a break, she takes the dog for a walk, then likes to cosy up on the couch with her kids to watch a movie. Debs is the resident belledorm tuck shop, you often see members of the team sneaking into her office for a sweet treat.

Clare likes to make sure everything looks its best. From photo shoots to point of sale, bedlinen designs and packaging, she gets involved in it all. When she’s not designing, Clare spends time with family, socialising with friends and walks her two dogs… more like they walk her!

Jo’s role includes graphic and creative design from packaging to room styling, working closely with our photographer.  She joined the team at the age of 16, originally on high school work experience. Joining the group in ’99 she still feels excited and inspired about coming into work to be creative. Jo has two children and two pets. In her spare time she enjoys running, decorating, and socialising.

Lisa joined Belledorm in 2005. She is key in her customer service/ sales role and has taken on the role of credit control. Who would have thought that her passion for talking would pay the bills. As well as talking.. a lot, she loves spending her free time with her 2 girls, and gets stuck into farm life where she has much love and a daily commitment to her two horses. Her favourite down time is being the social butterfly that she is, with a bottle of gin and tonic in hand!

Amy works in the sales office with Lisa, who took her under her wing in 2013 and now the two of them are a formidable pairing. Amy processes orders and controls most of the invoicing for our customers and concessions. Amy has her father, brother and aunty all working here in the same building.  When not at work, she is looking after her little boy, usually trying to get him to help walk their 2 dogs a Pug and French bulldog! Amy like many of the staff here isn’t opposed to an alcoholic beverage on the weekend either, buy her a pint of Strongbow dark fruits and she'll be happy.

Kylie has worked at belledorm since 2007. She ensures customer orders are packed to a high standard and she takes pride in her work. Our CEO would say she has a very mischievous look around her.  When Kylie's not in work she has 2 young children so all her time is spent with them, they drive her absolutely bonkers but she loves them unconditionally. Kylie loves to have days out, holidays and socialise with friends and family.

Janet has been with Belledorm since 2003. Janet started off in the repack department and then took over the returns department. In 2022 she transferred to the QA department, playing an key role in making us proud of the products we offer. In her free time she spends it with her grandson Bobby and his little pony Timmy. She also enjoys making Memory Bears.

Andy has been with Belledorm since 2006 and has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in warehousing. He knows exactly what stock is coming into the building and just where to put it, amongst many other skills. Outside of work he can usually be found under a staff members car bonnet as Belledorm’s go to mechanic, he also enjoys playing football with other Belledorm staff members. Born in the 60’s, Andy can still run rings around people half his age, which could be attributed to his time spent as a Royal Marine in the Armed Forces. He isn’t all rough and tough, he’s often considered “old school” and likes his slippers warmed up near the fire for when he returns home from a hard day’s work.

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