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From easy-care 200 TC to luxury 1500 TC and Mulberry Silk, from Single to Super King—discover a wide choice of high-quality flat sheets crafted with comfort and practicality in mind. Plain or Embroidered, select your preferred design and colour and outfit your bed in style.

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Got Flat Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

A fitted sheet is commonly the layer you would sleep upon which goes on your mattress. The flat sheet or sometimes called the top sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet and serves as a layer of protection between your body and the duvet cover.

The purpose of a top sheet is to provide an additional layer of protection between the sleeper and the blankets or comforters, making it easier to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It also offers a lightweight covering for those who may find blankets too warm or heavy.

The placement of a flat sheet can vary depending on personal preference. However, the most common practice is to place the flat sheet with the finished or more decorative side facing down, towards the fitted sheet. The idea behind this is that when you fold the sheet back over yourself, the more visually appealing side will be facing up and visible.

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