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Our collection of silk sheets provide the most luxurious addition to your home and bedroom. Whether you're interested in Mulberry silk or our Cocoonzzz silk product range, look no further to find the perfect silk products.

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Got Silk Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

Silk is considered expensive due to several factors, however it is mainly due to limited production and a labour-intensive production process. It's high quality is known for a luxurious feel and lustrous appearance. It has the ability to regulate temperature and has a hypoallergenic nature. 

Silk is derived from the cocoons of silkworms. 

While some vegans choose to avoid silk due to these ethical concerns, others may still wear silk under specific conditions. There are alternative forms of silk available, such as peace Silk or vegan Silk, which are produced without harming the silkworms. These alternative Silk options allow vegans to wear silk-like fabrics without contributing to animal harm. 

China is the largest producer of Silk. The country has a long history of silk cultivation and is known for its expertise in sericulture (silkworm rearing) and silk manufacturing. 

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