Cotton Sateen 1200 Thread Count Sheets

Our Cotton Sateen 1200 thread count bed linen is one of the highest threads we offer. When all you want is the best. Made from superfine yarns of long staple 100% cotton, woven to produce a sateen finish giving it a silky-smooth feel that makes you want to jump into bed at anytime of the day. Due to the 1200 threads per square inch, this range is heavier than most but with the high thread count you get a luxury fine surface to sleep on. Think 7 star luxury, and we offer a 7 year guarantee.

Got Cotton Sateen 1200 Thread Count Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

Cotton fabric typically has a plain weave, where the weft and warp threads crisscross evenly. This creates a straightforward and durable fabric. On the other hand, cotton sateen has a satin weave, which is characterized by a closer thread placement. In this weave, multiple weft threads float over a single warp thread, giving it a smooth and lustrous surface. 

It is essential to consider other parameters. Thread count alone doesn’t determine the quality. However 200 thread count and above is considered a good number. 

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch. 1200TC indicates that there are 1200 individual threads per square inch of fabric. 

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