200 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets

For that classic smooth, crisp and cool feel from your bedding, our 200 thread count, 100% cotton bed linens are hard to beat. The elegant, matte appearance and signature fresh, invigorating experience of these sheets comes from the special percale weave. Lightweight, exceptionally breathable and pleasingly soft against the skin, slide into these hotel quality linens and be reassuringly reminded of nothing less than pulling on a high quality dress shirt, before you drift off into a perfect night’s slumber.


Got 200 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

100% Cotton sheets have many benefits. Cotton is known for its breathability and softness. It is absorbent which is beneficial if you sweat in the night. It can help wick away moisture from your body to keep you dry and comfortable at night

200 thread count means that there are 200 threads per square inch of fabric. 

It is essential to consider other parameters. Thread count alone doesn’t determine the quality. However 200 thread count and above is considered a good number. 

This depends on your personal preference and desired level of crispiness. 100% cotton sheets tend to wrinkle more than synthetic blends. If you don’t mind a slightly more relaxed and casual look you may not need to iron them. However if you prefer a smooth neat appearance then ironing will be required. 

Thread count does matter but is not the only factor to consider when purchasing your bedlinen. Generally a higher thread count indicated a denser weave and a potentially softer, more luxurious feel. However a lower thread count can be made of a high quality cotton with a sateen weave and feel softer than a higher thread count fabric. 

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