200 Thread Count Easycare Sheets

All of the luxury and looks of fine-woven percale — but with none of the fuss! Perfect for lightning-fast laundering, with next-to-no ironing needed, our 200 thread count, Easycare bed linens are designed to give your freshly-made beds the beautiful appearance you want. A huge choice of colours, with crisp, smooth looks and a soft, cool feel. Durable in a tightly packed 50/50 cotton and polyester blend, backed by our exceptional 7 year guarantee, these are the bedsheets you can rely on time and time again.


Got 200 Thread Count Easycare Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

The main advantage of polycotton is the minimal ironing. However it is dependent on your personal preference. If you prefer a completely smooth and crisp appearance you may choose to lightly iron your sheets. 

Polyester and cotton make a good team for the summer. The cotton element is moisture wicking and promotes airflow. The polyester element is quick drying so makes washing and drying much more convenient than a 100% cotton fabric. 

This is dependent on your needs and preferences. Polycotton sheets provide durability and easy care properties. They tend to be less prone to wrinkling and shrinking. Polycotton tends to hold colour after multi washes. However cotton is breathable, soft and has a natural feel. 

Polycotton hold a portion of polyester fibres in it's weave, giving you a crisp feeling and an easy care finish which requires minimal ironing. 100% cotton is made from pure cotton, which is breathable and cool leading to a very comfortable nights sleep.

As out polycotton is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The polyester portion helps the fabric hold its easy care title. It provides strength, wrinkle resistance and quick drying properties. The main advantage is minimal ironing.

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