Jersey Cotton Sheets

As soft and as comfortable as your favourite cotton t-shirt, Jersey Cotton bedding is stretchy and forgiving, making it supremely simple to change, with a fast, smooth and wrinkle-free fit that hugs the mattress and pillows. Made from 100% jersey cotton, these sheets are warm, cosy but highly breathable. They get softer with every wash and of course, don’t need ironing (unless you really want to)! Ideal partners for memory foam, or for electric adjustable beds, the jersey knit retains its shape after stretching.


Got Jersey Cotton Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

The term Jersey refers to a type of knit fabric. Ours is made from 100% Cotton. Most 100% Cotton fabrics that do not reference jersey are woven fabrics. 

Jersey cotton is generally considered to be softer than regular woven cotton fabrics. This is primarily because jersey fabric is knitted, which gives it a more stretchy and flexible nature compared to woven fabrics. The knitting process used to create jersey fabric allows for a more relaxed and drapey texture, resulting in a soft and comfortable feel against the skin. 

The knit construction of jersey fabric allows for better air circulation compared to tightly woven fabrics. This helps to keep the body cool by allowing heat and moisture to escape more easily. The fabric's stretchiness also adds to its comfort as it provides flexibility and freedom of movement. 

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