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Got White Bed Base Wrap Questions? We've Got Answers

Yes, the belledorm base wrap is designed to be versatile and will fit around an ottoman bed, adding both style and elegance. 

You can see how our base wrap is fitted by watching our video here

Fitting our base wrap is a simple and straightforward process that required no special tools. Here are the steps to ensure a snug and seamless fit: 

  1. Prepare the Bed: Lifting the mattress off the bed base is not required, but if you wish to, it will give you easy access to the bed base, if you have an ottoman bed, ensure it is in the closed position.
  2. Position the Base Wrap: Hold the wrap by its corners and begin by aligning it at one corner of the bed base. 
  3. Stretch and Fit: Pull the wrap along the edges, if the base is not so deep then make sure to tuck the fabric underneath the bed base as you go. The elasticated edge will help to secure it in place.
  4. Adjust: Once you've fitted the wrap around all corners, make any final adjustments to ensure it is sitting flat and smooth against all sides of the bed base. 
  5. Replace the Mattress: If you lifted the mattress off the bed, carefully lower the mattress back, however with our base wrap removing the mattress is not required.

Enjoy the refreshed look and added elegance that your new belledorm base wrap brings to your bedroom. You can view our video here  to see a step by step guide on fitting your base wrap. 

Made from easy care stretchy fabric, the easy fit bed base wrap is very simple to put on and can be used if your divan base has drawers or a headboard (even if it's screwed in to the bed base)! 

Watch our video here

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