5 makeover ideas for your guest bedroom

10 June 2020 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Kriti
Guest bedrooms often go overlooked. Here we suggest five simple ideas for giving your spare space some long-overdue love.

Guest bedrooms often go overlooked. Here we suggest five simple ideas for giving your spare space some long-overdue love.

1. Add a dressing table

If you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible in your home they’re going to need to do more than use your spare room to sleep in. Clearing clutter to make way for a desk will provide visitors with a dressing table for all their grooming needs – even somewhere to read or work from. The added furniture can also be used as part of your own home office when you’re not hosting.

2. Provide a seating area

Sometimes we all need a private space to relax. Whether it’s to read a book, scroll through their phone or gather their thoughts, your guests will value somewhere to sit without being disturbed. If space is an issue you could always try converting a window ledge or using a fold away bed to make room for lounging. If space is on your side try adding a small table for belongings or even a convenient footstool.

3. Add some fresh flowers

Your spare room may be lacking life for most of the year, so why not add some greenery to liven things up? Go bold and make colour a priority with a rainbow of petals, or pick your plants with science in mind. The scents of jasmine and lavender are particularly helpful as sleeping aids while a rubber fig or peace lily will help purify air. Once you’ve decided on your favourites you can get creative with plant pots too.

4. Make space for mirrors

Guest bedrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the home so you may need to use a few tricks to make the most of the space. Mirrors both reflect light to create a naturally bright environment and create the illusion of a larger space. Don’t be afraid to feature multiple mirrors within the same room; a table top mirror, a full length free-stander and wall mounted options can really add to the illusion of space.

5. Include hotel-style extras

The best hosts consider all the small things that make the difference for their guests’ stay. Extra pillows and blankets will help your visitors enjoy a restful night’s sleep, while dressing gowns will ensure they spend their time in the room in comfort. You could even go further and add a mini fridge to keep food and drink cool, another perfect addition to the room when used as a home office.

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