5 quick upgrades to complete a bedroom makeover

07 February 2021 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Kriti
Make your bedroom your favourite room again, with these easy-to-do upgrade tricks.


1. Rearrange artwork

Don’t shy away from putting artwork on display in your bedroom. Why not have your favourite pieces in the room you relax in most? A trick for giving it a gallery-esque feel, is to frame your art and wall hangings. Opting for black matching frames will make your collection look more high-end and eye-catching – even if they’re just photos and mementos.

2. Create a reading corner

The key to putting this together is the chair. Make sure it’s cosy for your comfort, but stand-out enough to add some personality to your bedroom. A chair elsewhere in your home that’s not in use could be perfect. Now all you need to do is define the space with a standing lamp, minimalistic side table and your next waiting-to-be-read books.


3. Make a statement with mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall… yes mirrors do make rooms look bigger. An over-sized mirror leant against the wall will create a boutique, vintage feel – adding to the style and theatre of your bedroom. You can also dress up your bedside table, dresser or desk with a second mirror. They’ll reflect light and create a more spacious feel from both angles.

4. Bring nature inside with plants

Not only can plants boost your mood, they help purify the air in your bedroom too. They’re natural filters! Plus, they look good and make you feel more connected with nature. A whole range of health benefits comes from this – creativity, productivity, lower stress levels. Some low-maintenance options include snake plants, peace lilies, golden pothos, English ivy, and of course, cacti. If you’re more of a flower person, fresh flowers will also brighten up your day and bedroom.

5. Layer your pillows

It can be as simple as styling your pillows to make your bedroom look and feel more luxurious. Start with the ones you sleep on at the back, then layer them with decorative pillows in height order. You can also use pillows to accentuate your bedroom’s colour scheme. Or, why not switch-things up with a splash of something new? Either way, an abundance of well-styled and good-quality pillows will look and feel good – increasing your comfort levels while you sleep in style.

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