6 ways to decorate a bedroom for a 10 year old

24 April 2019
Kids get to a certain age when they start to take a bit more notice of their surroundings. Maybe it’s when they start having friends over, or when they start to move away from the things they loved as a nipper. And it usually starts to happen when they turn around 10 years old.

Decorating a bedroom for kids this age can be difficult. But we’ve got a few tips…

1. Ditch the cartoons

Animal figures, TV favourites and colourful vehicles might have kept a toddler or young child happy and entertained – but as they get old they want something that reflects their age.

They might still – secretly – watch cartoons, but they’ll also be embracing pop music, films and more.

It means it’s time to ditch the cartoon bedsheets and go for something more fitting of their age. But don’t go too serious. Teddies might be on their way out but there’s still plenty of room for fun. Think more abstract designs and character prints in bold colours.

2. Fill their walls

From cool wallpaper to giant maps, make the most of their wall space. Not only are these cool design features but they’ll also help reduce the amount of posters they want to stick up.

You could have wallpaper that looks like woods, huge prints of space, glow-in-the-dark wall art and so much more. We love cork board maps that not only look cool and teach them about geography, but double as somewhere for parents to stick notes about homework and tidying up.

3. Splashes of colour

Instead of using characters or images, use colours or prints to add that sense of fun. Stripes are a great option for such rooms as you can mix bolder colours with more muted tones to create a room that’s fun yet understated.

Remember, they might start embracing posters and photos at this age and will want somewhere to display them. Giving them colourful walls means their own additions will pop more while also hiding marks from constant taking off and putting up of pictures you’d find on plain white walls.

4. Plenty of storage

Kids have a lot of stuff. And when they get to 10 they’ll have gathered endless toys, games, shoes, clothes and more. So make sure you fit the room out with plenty of storage. And make it easily accessible so it’s as simple as possible for them to tidy up.

We suggest at least one larger chest along with some benches that double as storage, sliding boxes under the bed and boxes and draws that can be taken out and put back easily. A classic tip is to put a shoe storage hanger on the back of their door for random toys.

5. Bring in some tech

Kids these days love their technology. And while you might not want them to have mobiles phones on all night, you can put a bit of cool tech in their bedrooms.

This can range from Wifi lights that they can adjust to suit their mood or alarm clocks that shoot off around the room when it’s time to get up.

Avoid using cameras in their room though as they can be easily hacked. If they use laptops or tablets in their room unsupervised, stick some tape over them.

6. Make it adaptable

The key thing to remember about their rooms at this age is that by the time they’re in secondary school they might well want to change it all up again.

So when you’re spending money installing amazing lighting systems or constructing a new bed, think about how long they’re actually going to want this.

Choosing a simple, base colour for all the walls and using removable transfers is good way to keep a room adaptable. Or using pictures in frames instead of painting directly on to walls means you can simply switch the picture when they get too old for it. 
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