How a Hotel Designer makes a Bedroom Luxurious

06 November 2019 | 3 Minute Read - Words By Joanne
A good night’s sleep is hard to achieve at the best of times. Especially when those pesky sheep are liable to escape over the fence and never return... The trick to having good sleep is to have a bedroom which not only has a comfortable bed (step one to good...

A good night’s sleep is hard to achieve at the best of times. Especially when those pesky sheep are liable to escape over the fence and never return...

The trick to having good sleep is to have a bedroom which not only has a comfortable bed (step one to good sleep) but also has an aesthetic which doesn’t leave you lying awake at night. Because, yes, that six-portrait of your mother-in-law is nightmare-inducing, no matter what your partner may say. 

So, with that in mind, here are the ways that you can use hotel designer tricks to make your bedroom that much more a luxurious space:

1. Curtains should be luxurious 

Belledorm Waltham Curtains
Waltham Curtains by Belledorm

Curtains can either improve or bring down the quality of a room - there is no in-between. Bad curtains are often cheap and tacky looking, two things you don’t want to be associated with your luxury bedroom space. Of course, this is because most hotel designers will use custom-designed and fitted curtains, at least in the kind of hotel you want to replicate. 

So, the tip here is that if you want highly luxurious curtains in your bedroom then they need to be fitted. Perhaps designed specifically for your bedroom is a step too far, but a professional fitting can be all that you need. Especially when the alternative is buying a cheaper option in a chain shop. 

Of course, you could go one step further. Buy a fabric which suits your luxurious bedroom design, choose a pattern that speaks to you and then get sewing some curtains! Or, if you’re not an expert seamstress then there are plenty of people out there who can offer this service for you. Ultimately, you will be much happier with the result if you choose the fabric and have the curtains made especially. So, don’t be afraid to go this extra mile for a little extra flourish of luxury - it’s a hotel designer must! 

2. Well organised space 

A hotel room is a very organised space, even if you don’t notice this fact at first. The perfect shelving, drawers and knick-knack corners all seem to slot into place with ease. But, in fact, there has been a lot of careful planning and thought put into this crafty use of space. And this is one of the likely the most surprising design choices for a luxury space that a hotel designer has to offer. 

Why? Well, storage can be a great way to put away all of the everyday items which can make a space look cluttered and, well, less luxurious. After all, a bedraggled hairbrush is hardly the cornerstone of luxury design. 

The best way to incorporate storage into a luxury space is to make it as unobtrusive as possible. A wall full of wardrobes may seem excessive, but it can be a great way to remove the need for drawers and other such pieces of furniture. Thus placing all of your storage in one seamless section. With this, you can almost see the storage as part of the wall itself rather than taking up much-needed floor space. 

3. Lighting 

Light is an important factor in every room in your home, but especially the bedroom. Here is a room which can make or break your sleep, the lighting of which has a significant impact. After all, too much light and you may find yourself waking up at odd times. Too bright and finding sleep may be all but impossible. 

This is why a hotel designer will always present two things to any well-designed hotel room; choice in lighting and good blinds. Multiple lighting choices–a main light and side lamps being the obvious examples–gives a lighting option for any point in the day. A large, brighter, light for the morning to get ready and wake to. With softer lighting at different focal points for the evening. This way, the brain can adjust more easily into a sleep frame of mind. 

Likewise, blinds are actually a very important factor when it comes to lighting a room. After all, who hasn’t slept in a hotel room and had poor sleep thanks to thin blinds letting the sun through at 6 am? 

A blackout blind, then, is extremely important to ensure a solid sleep. This, in turn, can be paired with the aforementioned elegant blinds. This way you can cater to several different people. Those who need to be undisturbed by natural light and curtains for those who like to wake a little more naturally. 

4. Focus on sleep quality 

When it comes to good bedroom design, one of the key components is the bed itself. After all, a hotel guest will not be interested in the lighting of a room if their sleep is poor. And for that reason, you should waste no expense when it comes to your bed. 

With that in mind, you should invest in a high quality mattresses. Bed frames can be low or high quality without actually affecting your sleep as much as you might suspect. Your mattress, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of your sleep routine and can seriously affect the level and quality of sleep you achieve every night. A good mattress supports your whole body as you sleep. Which then reduces factors such as tossing and turning, stress and general sleeplessness. 

Any good hotel designer will tell you that aesthetic is subjective, but good sleep can’t be anything but top class. That’s why some hotel chains have even gone to the effort of designing their own mattresses! Of course, you don’t have to take it to such extremes. But, investing in better sleep means investing in a better mattress. 

5. Add a personal touch 

Here’s one tip that you won’t get from a hotel designer, but which can work wonders in your home bedroom: make it personal. There’s a certain detachment in hotel rooms, a lack of personality that helps all who walk through the doors sit down and feel at home. But, that doesn’t have to be the case in your own bedroom. 

Keep in mind that you’re not designing a luxury hotel room and add that splash of colour. Yes, even your mother-in-law’s portrait may have a spot in your bedroom with that logic. Unfortunately, you can’t win every battle. But you can enjoy the rest of your luxury bedroom whilst avoiding the portrait’s gaze… 

And there you have it! All of the hotel designer tips that really can add a whole new level of luxury to your bedroom space! Of course, you may not end up with a 5-star hotel room at the end of your design, but that’s okay - you want a room you can live in as well as enjoy the design of. 

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