How to choose the perfect alarm clock

19 November 2020 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Kriti
Wake up to new advances in sleep technology.

We run through some things to consider when choosing the perfect alarm clock for your bedside...

Remember good sleep hygiene

The best alarm clocks won’t only wake you up in a more natural way, they also work as a sleep aid. White noise is a combination of all the sound frequencies that a human can hear and when played at a low volume it can drown out ambient sounds that can get in the way of switching off. Whether you play white noise through a smart speaker with an alarm feature or use a dedicated white noise machine, it’s worth considering how your new purchase can improve the quality of your sleep too.

Choose smart wake up sounds

Loud and sudden noises don’t always make the best alarms. In fact, if they wake us up during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, or any other deep sleep cycle, we can start the day feeling groggy. It’s better to find an alarm that gradually increases in volume. Natural sounds such as singing birds are one of the better options for waking in a gentler way.

Consider wake-up lights

Although reducing exposure to light will improve sleep quality, you can also use lights to your advantage to rise more easily. Many alarm clocks on the market use lights to simulate dawn by starting dim and turning increasingly bright. The best options are accompanied by soothing sounds to add to the illusion of waking up naturally. Be warned though, many of these alarm clocks come with a hefty price tag.

Think about ease of use

Will you wake up every morning using a simulated sunrise or regularly use an accompanying app to monitor your sleeping patterns? Before you invest in a sophisticated model you should think about ease of use. Rather than splashing out on a dedicated machine, sometimes it’s much simpler to use a mobile phone. If you do, remember to turn on the night light setting to prevent blue light from affecting your sleep hygiene.

Weigh up the cost

You should set a budget based on how important an alarm clock is to improve your sleep routine. Once you’re decided the features you’ll need, search for options that offer all the necessary technology. Research customer reviews and don’t limit your browsing to one shop. By searching online for a specific model, you’ll improve your chances of finding a good deal or a second-hand listing for a significant saving.

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