Why is my bed linen bobbling?

28 April 2021 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Kriti
Find out what you can do to anti-bobble your bedding with our top tips.

We’ve all got that favourite bed linen set – the one we enjoy tucking ourselves into at night – so it can be annoying when our once smooth-to-touch bedding starts bobbling. This effect not only ruins the look of your linen but can make your bedroom look dull.   

So, if you’re wondering why bobbling happens and how you can prevent it, we’ve got the answers for you.


Why your bed linen bobbles

Bobbling happens when fibres stretch and break in a fabric due to friction. Afterwards, they start to tangle together to form tiny knots (bobbles).

It’s only natural that these little fuzz balls will eventually start to appear on your bed linen. It goes through a fair bit of handling due to washing, getting in and out of bed every day and being changed.

Tips for preventing bobbling

There are steps you can take to prevent the dreaded bobbling from taking over your bed linen. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep your bed clear

Be careful if you’ve got a habit of dumping items on your bed, especially if they’re abrasive, as they’ll rub against your bed linen. It’s also best to keep pets off the linen to prevent their claws from pulling on the thread.

  •  Wash inside out

Turn your duvet covers and pillow cases inside out before putting them in the washing machine. That way if bobbling occurs – due to friction – you won’t be able to see it on the outside. As a guide, always check the fabric care label before you start washing your linen.

  •  Air-dry

It’s best to air-dry your bed linen rather than use a tumble dryer as the exposure to heat can damage the fibres. After drying, carefully fold it up and store in a clothing bag to protect it from any dirt and dust.

  •  Handwash bedding

If you’ve got the time, try to handwash your bed linen as it’s a gentler process. You can soak it first and then use a detergent for handwashing. This will not only help your bedding stay bobble free, but it’ll also smell good!

  • Choose the right fabric

Experts recommend Egyptian cotton which is known for its superior quality. Its long fibre length makes it more stretch resistant and less likely to bobble. They also suggest choosing a fabric with a high thread count as it’s more durable.

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