Silk Fitted Sheets

We have been supplying exceptional home linens for over 40 years. Looking for silk fitted sheets? We have a wide choice of the finest qualities and colours that will suit any bedroom.

Got Silk Fitted Sheet Questions? We've Got Answers

That would depend on the depth of your mattress. As mattresses get deeper with the addition of mattress toppers, protectors, we need sheets to allow for a good snug fit and avoid the common problem of sheets coming off during the night. We recommend your fitted sheet to sit 8cm (2-3 inches) deeper than your mattress. Our fitted sheets are generously elasticated around all 4 corners leading to a solid hold and fit on your mattress. 

Our Standard is 30cm (12inches) - Suitable for mattress depth of up to 22cm (9 inches). 

Extra Deep is 38cm (15 inches) - Suitable for mattress depth of up to 30cm (11 inches). 

So long as you purchase the correct size of width and length then depth doesn't have to be exact, as any extra fabric tucks underneath the mattress, hence why we recommend taking a slightly larger depth than what your mattress measures.

Look out for the label we've sewn in, It tells you which way the fitted sheet goes on your bed. Now you can change your sheet whilst you are half asleep. Perfect for sleepy heads

Just in case it doesn't have a label yet, then our fitted sheets are elasticate along the top and bottom.

A fitted sheet is specific to a sheet designed to fit over the mattress with elasticated hems to prevent it sliding off. A bed sheet is a broader term that refers to any sheet used on a bed. 

It is essential to consider other parameters. Thread count alone doesn’t determine the quality. However 200 thread count and above is considered a good number. We offer everything from 200 thread count up to 1500 thread count.

A fitted sheet is commonly the layer you would sleep upon which goes over the mattress. The top sheet/ flat sheet is usually slept under either instead of a duvet or on top of the duvet.

The frequency of washing a fitted sheet can vary depending on personal preference, individual circumstances, and hygiene considerations. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to wash your fitted sheet every one to two weeks. 

Silk is considered expensive due to several factors, however it is mainly due to limited production and a labour-intensive production process. It's high quality is known for a luxurious feel and lustrous appearance. It has the ability to regulate temperature and has a hypoallergenic nature. 

Silk is derived from the cocoons of silkworms. 

While some vegans choose to avoid silk due to these ethical concerns, others may still wear silk under specific conditions. There are alternative forms of silk available, such as peace Silk or vegan Silk, which are produced without harming the silkworms. These alternative Silk options allow vegans to wear silk-like fabrics without contributing to animal harm. 

China is the largest producer of Silk. The country has a long history of silk cultivation and is known for its expertise in sericulture (silkworm rearing) and silk manufacturing. 

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