5 gadgets for a better night’s sleep

15 November 2019

Let these dream gadgets play a part in your sleep routine...

We’re often told that good sleep hygiene involves cutting off from technology long before our head hits the pillow. But could it be time you considered including gadgets in your routine?

Read on for five gadgets that make falling asleep a breeze.

1. Dodow Sleep Machine

Dodow Sleep Machine

The Dodow Sleep Machine is a metronome-meets-light system designed by insomniacs to train your body to fall asleep faster. Breathe in rhythm with the light to gradually slow your breathing from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, and signal to your body that it’s time to doze off. Concentrating on the halo shaped light, occupies the mind so stresses of the day stay clear of your bedtime routine and send you to sleep, on average 2.5 times faster.

2. Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up light

Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up light

Being woken up suddenly by traditional alarms often leaves us feeling groggy. It’s much more natural for us to be woken by the sun. Philips’ Somneo Light replicates sunrise and sunset to help you fall to sleep easier and wake up refreshed. As 30 minutes of soft morning reds gradually brighten to daylight yellow, choose to be woken up by natural sounds or a radio station of your choice.

3. Netatmo Air Quality Monitor

Netatmo Air Quality Monitor

A 2017 study exploring the effects of air pollution on sleep, found that high levels of nitrogen dioxide increase the odds of low sleep efficiency by almost 60%. Netatmo’s monitor measures air quality, humidity, temperature and noise levels to recommend tweaks for your home. Reports are sent to your phone allowing you to turn on humidifiers, open windows and turn off heaters to create the perfect conditions for a great night’s sleep.

4. Remee Sleep Mask

Remee Sleep Mask

Rapid eye movement, or REM sleep, is believed to help learning, memory and mood, and also stimulates the parts of the brain used in learning. The Remee Sleep Mask uses gentle customisable light signals to trigger REM sleep and dreaming. The manufacturer claims its invention boosts recall, clarity and control of your dreams. So your imagination’s most vivid moments will be with you for longer and you’re more likely to experience lucid dreams – an awareness that you’re dreaming.

5. Smart Nora Snoring Solution