5 tips for keeping your bedroom warm and cosy

18 February 2021 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Sally
It might be nippy outside, but our bedroom hacks will make sure the cold doesn’t sneak into your sleep sanctuary


We can just about see spring’s light at the end of a long, hard winter tunnel – but staying warm and comfortable in your bedroom is still a high priority.

Thankfully, there’s some simple things you can do to keep your bedroom snug in late winter. Read on to find out more.

1. Go thermal

Step up your curtain game for extra warmth with thermal curtains or blinds. They work wonders at adding and keeping in heat with that extra layer of insulation, shutting out the cold with ease. Be sure to pick the right size and fit for your windows and avoid hanging them over your radiators and losing out on heat.

Thermal curtains and blinds can even have an effect on soundproofing too – adding an extra touch of bliss to your evening.

2. Put a rug down

Putting down a rug will boost the warmth and overall comfort of your winter bedroom, as heat can be easily lost through your flooring. A rug will also add a touch of style and take the aesthetic of your room to the next level.

If you have wooden or tiled flooring, try placing your rug next to your bed. Your feet will appreciate it as they touch down on a soft pile of fabric and sink into the soft fluffy layers. A wool rug is ideal for the bedroom as it’s warm, durable and traps in heat. Toasty.

3. Change your room around

If you like warming up your bedroom with the radiator just before you the hit the sack, it’s worth thinking about changing its layout and swapping out some furniture during the winter months. Kit that’s made of wood or upholstery absorbs lots of heat, for example.

Move any furniture that’s blocking your radiator so you’ll get the full benefits of warmth circulating through your special place.


4. Draught proof windows

Draught excluders are an easy and effective way to banish the cold from your bedroom and save money on your energy bills. They work by reducing the heat loss that occurs through doors and windows.

You can pick them up in different materials including PVC, rubber and foam, and in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Self-adhesive draught excluders work well for windows. All you need to do is remove the backing paper to expose the adhesive strip and then press this against your window frame. Wave goodbye to the draught!

5. Warm up your bed

The colder months are a great time to add some extra layers to your bed. If you’ve been sleeping with a lighter duvet or just a sheet, ramp up your tog number for that extra bit of warmth. Check out our various duvets we offer. 

The standard winter tog is 13.5. But if you want to feel toasty, try a 15. Alternatively, tuck yourself under a wool or a fleece blanket. Bliss. 

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