Which Pillowcase Is Better for Your Hair? 03 July 2024

Tired of waking up with dry, knotted, and frizzy hair? It might be time to switch to pillowcases that protect and nourish your hair overnight. Silk, satin, and sateen pillowcases are designed to reduce friction and retain moisture, helping you wake up with smooth, healthy hair. Explore the benefits of these materials and discover expert tips for maintaining luscious locks while you sleep.

What Is Bed linen? 07 February 2024

Discover what we mean when we say bed linen in our comprehensive look at everything from sheets and duvets to deciding what the best fabrics for you are. Learn how to choose, care for and make the most of your bedding.

What Bed Linen Should I Use For My Allergies? 20 November 2023

Waking in the night and struggling with allergies? Our in-depth guide delves into the world of anti-allergy bedding, exploring the best materials and tips to help you sleep peacefully, free from dust mites, pet dander and mould. Wake up feeling refreshed every morning when you turn your bedroom into an allergy free zone.

How to get rid of bed bugs 16 October 2023

Get Advice on how to protect and get rid of Bed Bugs in outbreaks

Best Sheets For Someone Who Is Always Cold 14 September 2023

Always cold at night? Discover the types of bed sheets you need to keep you toasty until morning.

Most Expensive Bed Linen 18 August 2023

Find The Most Expensive Bed Linen In The World Featured In This Blog, Exploring The Unique Benefits And Features Of Each Bed Linen Set.

What Is The Best Bed Linen For Summer? 18 July 2023

Tired of restless summer nights? Take a look at our guide to choosing the best bed linen to keep you cool this summer. From Silk sheets to cooling pillows, we breakdown all the info you need to decide.

What Bed Linen To Buy For My Child Going To University? 17 July 2023

Prepare your child for a comfortable and stylish bedroom with the ultimate guide on what bed linen to buy as they start university. From pillowcases to duvet covers, mattress toppers to extra blankets, we'll walk you through the essential items that will ensure your child gets a restful night's sleep while adding a touch of personal style to their new space. Discover the must-have bed linen options that provide comfort, cleanliness, and versatility for your child.

What Is Bamboo Bed Linen? 13 June 2023

The eco conscious bedding alternative that lets you sleep soundly in supreme comfort with peace of mind about the planet. Experience luxury bamboo bed linen made from bamboo fibres.

How To Get The Best Night’s Sleep 13 June 2023

Still feeling tired and exhausted after a full night’s sleep? Your bedtime routine could be the culprit. Let us transform your sleep habits and give you a healthier and happier tomorrow.

Top Tips on How To Keep Cool at Night 17 May 2023

Discover effective ways to beat the summer heat and achieve a cool, restful sleep with our expert tips on how to keep cool at night. From simple adjustments to your sleeping environment to smart cooling strategies, unlock the secrets to enjoying a refreshing slumber even in the hottest of nights. Embrace the ultimate guide to staying cool and wake up rejuvenated each morning.

What are the benefits of Egyptian Cotton bed linen? 22 March 2023

Discover the seven benefits of Egyptian cotton bed linen, including its high thread count, breathability, insulation, durability, and cost-effectiveness. This article explains why Egyptian cotton is so special and how to distinguish it from imitations.

What Size Is A Double Duvet? 13 January 2023

Get the low down on the sizing of a double duvet and how you can use it to bring you the best comfort possible.

How Do I Make My Bed Look Cosy? 14 December 2022

Make your bed the cosiest it can be with these tips and tricks to make the most of your bed.

What is the best bed base cover? 25 November 2022

Get the best bed base covers for your bed this season with this guide on what to look for.

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