How To Iron Your Sheets Quick & Easy At Home

13 April 2022 | 3 Minute Read - Words By Clare
Learn how to quickly and easily iron your bed sheets at home like a professional, for a comfortable and deep sleep.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Should You Iron Your Bed Sheets?
  2. Tips For Ironing Bed Sheets
  3. FAQs

After a busy day, nothing quite beats the feeling of wrapping yourself up in a bundle of freshly ironed sheets. However, we all know how challenging it can be to get every crease out of your bed covers. Luckily we have just the guide for you!

Keep reading to find out how you can remove even the most stubborn of creases before you rest your head for the night! 


Why Should You Iron Your Bed Sheets?

Although ironing sheets isn't essential to their longevity, it can help your bedding feel and look nicer. Creased covers can look messy, especially after they have recently gone through the wash.

A warm iron can also help your covers feel softer and, if you're fast enough, warm you up on a cold winter's night. Some irons will also allow you to add scented spray to your covers, which can bring a whole new layer to your sleeping experience!

Tips For Ironing Bed Sheets


Start with slightly damp sheets

You may be tempted to begin ironing once your covers are dry. However, it can be a good idea to start using your iron on slightly damp sheets. This is because it is a lot easier to remove creases from a fitted sheet when it's still slightly damp.

Use a starch spray

If you want to ensure your sheets are wrinkle-free for as long as possible, you may want to consider using a starch spray. With starch spray, your sheets feel crisp, but not uncomfortably so.

This will help ensure that you don't need to iron your sheets every other day and can provide the highest levels of comfort when it's time to sleep!

Keep the iron hot

Generally, the best way to remove tough creases is to keep your iron at a fairly high temperature. Higher temperatures will loosen the fabric, and with enough pressure, even the most stubborn of creases can be ironed out.

Before you start ironing using a high temperature, we would always recommend testing your iron on a small section of your top sheet. You don't want to accidentally burn the entirety of your luxury hotel-style bedding!

Keep water spray on hand

A slight spray of water can help you get out any stubborn creases from your bedsheets. Most modern irons can be filled with water, which can then be sprayed at the push of a button.

However, if your iron doesn't feature a spray setting, consider grabbing a spray bottle. This works just as well as an iron and can help you get creases out of any top sheet.

Work in sections

Once you have started ironing, it's best to work in sections. By splitting your covers into a manageable size, ironing out creases will be far easier, and each section should be able to fit onto your ironing board.

When it comes to larger covers, such as double bed sheets, we would recommend folding your covers. The best way to do this is to fold crosswise!

Tuck fitted sheet corners together

Before you iron, we have found it incredibly helpful to tuck your fitted sheet corners together. You can then use the elasticized inside out corner as an anchor by wrapping it around the corners of your board.

This will help you keep your flat sheet in place and provide you with an easier ironing experience.

Don't forget the pillowcases

Although the sheets may take priority, you should never forget to iron your pillowcases! A freshly ironed pillowcase will keep your bed looking clean and, if you're fast enough, will allow you to rest your head on a heated pillow.

The pillowcase ironing process is the same as ironing your bed linens. Simply pull the cover off your pillows, lay it on an ironing board and gently iron away any creases. Try to steer clear of any tags or seams, as these can be damaged by the high heat produced by your iron.

If your bedding also includes a valance, then consider giving that a quick iron. Keep the temperature low, though, as valances are generally far thinner than most covers!

Consider running them through the dryer

If you are still struggling to remove creases from your bed linens and you own a tumble dryer, consider running your sheets through a quick spin. The high heat produced by your dryer and the tumbling sensation can be a great way to help remove creases from covers of all sizes! 



Can I use a regular ironing board for sheets?

Yes, you can use a traditional board for ironing your bed's sheets and pillowcases. You will need to reposition the sheet regularly as most boards are too small to cover the full size of your top sheet, especially king size sheets. But a wrinkle-free state is still possible!

Can freshly ironed sheets go straight on the bed?

Once your new sheets have been ironed, you can add them back onto your bed as soon as you like. New sheets feel crisp before washing, whereas freshly ironed sheets will feel soft and provide you with that luxury hotel feeling.

How can I get stubborn creases out of bed sheets?

The best way to iron out any stubborn creases is to increase the temperature of your hot iron slightly and use a spray bottle to apply water to the creases. This will help you remove wrinkles that simply won't go away.

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