What Kind Of Bedding Do Hotels Use?

23 February 2024 | 4 Minute Read - Words By Joanne
Step into the world of luxury hotel bedding and discover how fabric choice, thread count, and attention to detail contribute to unparalleled sleep quality. Learn how to bring this luxury into your own bedroom with our comprehensive guide.

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  1. What Does A Hotel Bedding Set Typically Consist Of?
  2. Common Fabrics Used For Hotel Quality Bedding
  3. What Hotels Look For In Bedding
  4. Hotel Mattresses And Pillows
  5. Why Don't Hotels Use Synthetic Materials For Their Bed Sheets?
  6. What About The Thread Count?
  7. FAQs
  8. Conclusion

There is nothing worse than having an awful night's sleep because of a scratchy duvet cover or a lumpy pillow. It can actually end up ruining your whole holiday!

When paying to stay in a hotel room, you expect the bedding to be of a certain quality. You want to enjoy crisp bed sheets, a cosy duvet, soft blankets, comfortable pillows, and— ultimately— a peaceful night's rest.

It is safe to say that the right bedding makes all the difference, but what kind of bedding do most hotels use? And why do hotel beds usually feel so much more comfortable than your bed at home?

In this article, we'll offer detailed information about popular fabric choices for hotel bed linen, as well as the importance of a high thread count. We'll also answer some of your most frequently asked questions on the topic.

What Does A Hotel Bedding Set Typically Consist Of?

While each hotel is slightly different, most high-end hotels bedding sets include the following:

The items included in the hotel bedding set will also depend on how many stars the hotel has, the size of the bed, and the climate of the location you're visiting.

Common Fabrics Used For Hotel Quality Bedding

When staying at a luxury hotel, you can usually expect the bedding to be made from natural fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, cotton sateen, and linen among others. Let's have a look at some of these popular fabrics in a little more detail.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for hotel bedding sets. Known for its soft feel and long fibres, Egyptian cotton bedding also usually has a higher thread count than other types of cotton. If you want to enjoy an amazing night's sleep, then this luxury fabric may be a great choice for you.

Cotton sateen

Cotton sateen bed sheets are made from 100% cotton and its weave draws inspiration from traditional satin cloth. This weave is what makes this fabric so incredibly soft and comfortable, making it a popular choice for even some of the best hotels in the world!

Cotton percale

Cotton percale sheets are made by using a very simple weave of one thread under and one thread over, also known as a basket weave. This pattern has been used for centuries and it is what gives cotton percale its famous strength and durability.

Pima cotton

Pima cotton is a type of long-staple cotton that is known for its soft and durable qualities. While it is typically more expensive than most other types of cotton, it has a much longer life expectancy— making it the ideal fabric for hotels.


Hotels use linen for all sorts of applications, including tablecloths, curtains, and bedding sets. Linen is made from fibres of the flax plant and while it is coarser than cotton, the fabric does get softer over time.

What Hotels Look For In Bedding

Luxurious Feel

The guest's comfort is a main priority for most high-end hotels and this means offering bedding with high thread counts and quality material for a luxurious and soft feel. Various moisture-wicking fabrics, such as cotton and linen, also help with comfort, breathability, and odour control.


The aesthetics of a hotel room are also very important. While most high-end hotels use white bedding for a crisp look and feel, many hotels prefer colourful or patterned bed linen to fit in with their specific interior design.


Hotel sheets undergo a significant amount of wear and tear, so it's essential that the fabric is highly durable. Weak materials need to be replaced more often, which can ultimately result in unnecessary expenditure for the hotel.

Easy to Clean

Hotels typically wash their bed sheets and duvets every few days, depending on their guest turnover. This is why it is so important to invest in bedding fabrics that are relatively easy to clean and that dry quickly. Otherwise, the cleaning staff have an enormous and time-consuming job on their hands.


Having an allergic reaction to bed linen can really ruin your hotel experience. This is why most five-star hotels invest in hypoallergenic materials. Examples of hypoallergenic materials include silk, linen, bamboo, cotton fabrics, and other natural materials.

Hotel Mattresses And Pillows

The mattress and pillows also play a very important role in the overall bedding quality. While each establishment is different, hotels typically make use of memory foam mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses, which make use of a combination of foam and pocket springs, are also popular as they are suitable for people of all different shapes and sizes.

If you are staying in a luxury hotel, chances are that your pillow is probably made from goose feathers, duck feathers, or some sort of down alternative. Bamboo pillows have also seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years.

Why Don't Hotels Use Synthetic Materials For Their Bed Sheets?

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, are typically cheaper than natural alternatives. However, many hotels would never even consider using synthetic bed sheets as they simply do not offer the same smooth feeling that hotel-quality bed sheets do.

Furthermore, synthetic fibres are known to trap heat, which can result in an uncomfortable sleeping experience. Polyester can also cause skin irritation during the night, especially for those who have allergies and sensitive skin.

What About The Thread Count?

Thread counts are another factor that many luxury hotels take into consideration when purchasing their bedding. The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch, and you usually want this to be in the sweet spot of anywhere between 200 and 500.

Counts lower than 200 may not offer the luxurious comfort you are looking for. However, fabrics with a very high thread count (anything over 800) usually do not provide the durability that hotels require from their bedding. Remember that the thread count is not necessarily the be-all and end-all, nor is it a direct indication of the quality of the fabric.


Why is hotel bedding usually white?

White bedding is very popular in hotels because it is the easiest to clean. Stains can easily be removed from white bed sheets by using bleach.

While each guest may have their personal preference when it comes to bed linen colours, white offers a crisp and classic look and feel. Other popular bedding colours used by hotels include cream, beige, and grey.

Darker colours hide dirt better, which can make guests suspicious about how clean the sheets and duvet covers really are! When bed sheets are white, guests can rest assured knowing that the bed sheets are clean.

How often do hotels replace their bedding?

Hotels need to replace their bedding far more frequently than you need to replace the bed linen for your own bedroom. Hotel bedding is typically washed every few days and all this washing can lead to wear and tear.

Unfortunately, some guests may also do silly things such as spill wine on the sheets, etc. Hotel bed sheets are usually replaced every few years or so, but every establishment is different. Most luxurious hotels invest in high-quality bed sheets that have longer lifespans.

Why is it important for hotels to offer their guests high-quality bedding?

Guests are not going to enjoy a good night's sleep if the hotel bed is not comfortable and clean. Providing guests with luxury bed sheets, duvets, and pillowcases helps ensure that they will have a positive sleep experience and recommend the hotel to others.

It doesn't matter how many stars a hotel has because, at the end of the day, hotel guests have certain expectations when it comes to bedding. They want to be able to relax and enjoy optimal comfort when paying for accommodation.

Where do hotels in the UK get their bedding from?

Belledorm is one of the most popular bed linen companies in the UK. This family-owned business is known for its wide variety of luxury linen, perfect for hotel beds. Belledorm has its very own onsite factory that has been creating quality bedding for over 48 years. Whether you're looking for bedding for your home or hotel, definitely check out Belledorm's extensive range.


While this article has offered a wealth of information about what kind of bedding most hotels use, you must remember that not all hotels value quality bedding. Luxury hotels and 5-star accommodations should typically offer top-quality bedding, but it's important to do a bit of research if you don't want to be disappointed.

You can read reviews online about what previous guests thought about the bedding. You can also call the hotel to inquire about what type of bedding they use so that you know what to expect.

If you want to create a hotel-quality sleeping experience in your own home, you can invest in bedding made from materials like Egyptian cotton, cotton sateen, and linen.

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