What does your bedding colour say about you?

14 April 2021 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Sally
We look at what your bed linen colour may reveal about you as a person.

Choosing your bed linen is all down to personal style preferences – but it could also reveal more about your personality than you think. Read on to discover what your colour choices might say about you.



In colour psychology white is associated with cleanliness, so keeping your things immaculate is important to you. It also suggests you’re attracted to a minimalist lifestyle and prefer quality over quantity. You’re optimistic and open-minded to experiencing new adventures. Sound about right?


Perhaps not the most popular shade in bedding, but opting for this chic colour shows you ooze sophistication and have a taste for the finer things in life. You’re independent and like to be in control of situations. Others may find you quite serious, but what they don’t see is your more sensual, seductive side.


Blue bedding evokes connections with peaceful seas, and can suggest that you’re calm, patient and great at handing a variety of situations. Rather than anticipate and worry too much about problems, you simply like to deal with them when they arise. When it comes to relaxing you’ve got it down to a fine art, and your friends know they can always count on your loyalty and honesty.



You live life to the full and pursue your goals and dreams with passion. You have a habit for making impulsive decisions, with friends and family sometimes advising you to think carefully before you react to situations. One thing’s for sure - you don’t like to procrastinate. You get things done!


Femininity, love and romance are typically expressed by this shade. If you’re a lover of bright pink, it can suggest you’re an extrovert and love being the centre of attention. Pale pink meanwhile, shows a loving and nurturing side. But far from being a pushover, you can certainly be strong-willed at times.


Purple evokes mystery and charm, and people are attracted to your free spirit. You’ll pursue what matters to you regardless of what others think and you follow your dreams until they come true. Your gentle and supportive nature means that you like to put others first.

Did we get it right? Brighten up your bed with our fashionable colours.

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