450 Thread Count Pima Cotton

Looking for exceptional softness? Pima cotton is renowned as a superior yarn that is not only smooth and soft but also extremely durable. It has a soft crisp handle but has a luxury sateen effect finish. Pima cotton has been combed over and over to remove the rougher, shorter staples which produces this luxurious smooth thread.

Got 450 Thread Count Pima Cotton Questions? We've Got Answers

Both Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton are considered to be high quality cotton varieties. We offer Egyptian Cotton from 200 Thread Count up to 1000 Thread Count and we have our 450 Pima Cotton.

Pima cotton shrinks less than regaular cotton. The long fibres provide stability in the construction. Washing your Pima Cotton on a cooler setting  prevents excessive shrinkage.

Both Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are considered to be high quality cotton varieties. There are known for their softness and durability. If we were to be technical Egyptian cotton is known for having the longest cotton fibres. 

Pima cotton is grown in the South Western United States, Peru and a few other regions known for their idea growing conditions. Pima Cotton has a silky soft texture, and is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fibre than conventional Cotton. Pima Cotton is soft to touch, wrinkle-resistant and very durable. 

Pima cotton is known for it high quality and softness. It is considered superior to regular cotton as the fibres that make up the threads are longer in length. This makes them stronger, more durable and less like to pill. It is more resistant to tearing and fraying. 

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