Brushed Cotton Flannelette Bedding

Satisfyingly soft and welcoming, with a gentle “peach-fuzz” texture that delivers almost-instant warmth the second you slide between them, our 100% pure brushed cotton flannelette sheets are sublimely comforting — especially when the nights draw in and weather turns colder. Woven from a heavier 165gsm (grams per square metre) cotton that is then brushed to create its heat-retaining feel, these quality bed linens are reassuringly thick and so cosy, you’ll be longing for the temperature to drop so you can snuggle down in them again!


Got Brushed Cotton Flannelette Bedding Questions? We've Got Answers

We recommend you wash our Brushed Cotton sheets before use and tumble dry if possible. This will remove excess loose fibres and lint that are left after the brushing process. Once used you should follow the recommended washing instructions on our wash care label. 


Brushed cotton is generally more suitable for colder seasons, such as autumn and winter. The brushing process used to create a soft and fuzzy surface on the fabric enhances its warmth and insulation properties, making it ideal for keeping you cosy during colder months. The brushed texture helps trap air and provides extra insulation, which can be particularly beneficial in cooler climates or if you tend to feel chilly at night. 

Cotton flannel identifies that the fabric is specifically made from cotton. Flannelette is a broader term for a brushed/ fuzzy fabric. 

Brushed cotton is cotton that has undergone a brushing process. Flannelette is brushed or fuzzy fabric that can be made from any fibre i.e wool, cotton or synthetic fibres. 

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