5 tips to keep allergies at bay in the bedroom

12 August 2020 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Clare
Stop symptoms from flaring up at bedtime with our handy tips.

Get your vacuum at the ready and prepare to invest in new bedding, all in the name of an allergy-free bedroom…


Regularly vacuum

A typical mattress is home to up to 10 million dust mites. The rapidly reproducing critters can play havoc with people’s allergies but thankfully a hoover does a great job of keeping their numbers low. You should clean your mattress of the little bugs at least twice a week and target any other soft furnishings in the room at the same time. When the weather suits, try airing your mattress during the day and replace it upside-down and opposite-ways-round to keep things fresh.

Keep pets elsewhere in the home

Although you probably don’t own a cat or dog that you’re allergic to, your furry family members can be a magnet for allergens. Regularly cleaning your pets’ bedding will help remove pollen and other allergy inducing materials from lingering around the home. If you suffer from hay fever you should keep all cat and dog beds in alternative rooms and consider making your bedroom a pet-free zone at all times.

Choose anti-allergy bedding

Anti-allergy bedding is designed to deter dust mites from settling in your bedroom. Sheets and duvets are treated with chemicals to prevent allergens from nestling in your furnishings and are a must for those who suffer with breathing difficulties. Memory foam mattresses use a denser material than conventional options and prevent dust mites from burrowing into your bed, while offering bespoke comfort. If you’d rather save cash, items like our anti-bacterial mattress protector add allergy protection without the need for a bigger purchase.

Purify the air

Air purifiers filter out spores and airborne triggers that can keep you tossing and turning at night. Some models even come with dehumidifying settings to remove moisture in the air and reduce the chances of mould growing in the bedroom. If you’d rather a cheaper, greener option, carefully chosen house plants will help clean the air you sleep in. Aloe Vera is even on NASA’s list of air-improving plants as it continuously releases oxygen through the night.

Declutter your room

The throws, cushions and soft furnishings we accessorise our rooms with are a favourite among dust mites. They might add a splash of colour to your bedroom, but the cosy additions could be responsible for aggravating your allergies. Removing heavy curtains and storing bedding in vinyl covers will reduce the chances of critters setting up home in your bedroom and keeping you awake at night.

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