Festive Friend Visits: Making Your House into a Home-tel

12 December 2019

Tis' the season to have friends and family from afar staying with you in your festive home, but how can you make their visit extra special? Simple answer; make your house feel like a hotel. While fresh bed linen and Christmas dinner are the expectation for your guests, here’s how you can make their visit memorable.

The Bedroom

Heatholders blanket
Heatholders Blankets

The place you want your guests to feel most comfortable, the guest bedroom. The first thing to do is buy a festive infuser, mulled wine, mince pies or something a little more subtle, either way, make sure the room smells fresh for their stay.

Adding a festive throw over the bed for a little extra winter warmth will also go down a treat. If you have someone staying for a week or more, bed comfort is key so you might want to think about turning the mattress over and adding a new topper to the bed for a little extra comfort.

Like a hotel room, your guest might also appreciate a chair in the room if they’re not quite ready for bed. So, if you have some designer furniture that normally belongs in another room, you could move it for their stay and add a little extra luxury to the guest room.


Fresh towels for your bathroom
Madison Towels

An assortment of breakfast options is always a good idea, you’ll never quite know what mood your guests are in, so having cereal, toast and bacon available gives them variety or you could try something a little more creative. You’ll also want a freshly cleaned kitchen, guests always feel more comfortable when they’re in a clutter-free kitchen, so they can just make something themselves if they’re not hungry when you ask.

Fresh towels for the early morning showers are also a nice touch. So, if your home is normally sparse when it comes to bath towels, buy a couple of fresh ones ready for their visit.

It’s worth buying some small toiletries for your guests to let them know they’re welcome to use them. Deodorant, moisturiser, shampoo and shower gels are always a nice touch to any guest bathroom, and they’re all easy to find in small sizes in local stores.


Playing board games at Christmas

Making sure the fridge is full of food and drink for your guests is always the safe bet. Whether it’s beer, wine or water they fancy it’s always welcoming when they know they can ask for something and receive it. The same goes for snacks too, it might not be something you normally buy but filling the cupboards with crisps, chocolates and maybe some mince pies means your guests can always have something extra if they get peckish.

Be sure to find out what happening in your area too, while staying in a few evenings might be tempting, the whole a experience will be made better if you’ve actively made plans for each day, explore local market, see a movie or try some new foods, there’s bound to be something that takes their fancy.

Depending on your TV subscription package, it’s always a good idea to have a few family-friendly Christmas films on DVD to hand when entertaining guests. And if you want to go a step further, a variety of board games can always make the evenings fun.

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