5 tips to pet-proof your bedroom

19 May 2020 | 1 Minute Read - Words By Sally
Let your furry family members enjoy their home to the fullest with our five handy tips.

Let your furry family members enjoy their home to the fullest with our five handy tips.

Dog sitting of bed with female owner

1. Hide wires and cords

The wires on TV sets, nightlamps and games consoles may look mundane, but to playful puppies and curious kittens they’re much more interesting than the things they connect to. Use cable ties and braided sleeves to bunch wires together and make chewing difficult, or go one step further and keep wires completely out of reach with cable trunks. The plastic casing will make swinging from wires near impossible.

2. Consider the plants in your room

Flowers are a great way to inject colour into a room but they could prove a hazard to your pets. Lilies are among those which are particularly dangerous, as the popular house plant is toxic to cats and dogs too. In fact, a single leaf or petal can make cats unwell. Tulips, Azaleas and even the leaves on tomato plants are also poisonous to cats and dogs. Look out for plants near windows, where cats tend to bask in the sun.

3. Keep laundry out of reach

It’s easy to throw worn clothes on the floor after a long day, but leaving your dirty laundry accessible to cats and dogs could be a problem. Your pets may treat buttons, clasps and threads as chew-toys and leave your wardrobe in tatters – not to mention the items could also end up a choking hazard. The same applies to shoes; puppies particularly enjoy sinking their teeth into a sole, so try to find an out-of-reach area to store them.

4. Regularly clean your room

Fragile items perched on top of tables, cabinets and shelves can be easily knocked over and damaged by cats. Ensure this doesn’t happen with regular tidying-up sessions – keeping things out of reach on appropriate shelves. Keeping things safely stored may require more tidying than you’re used to, but it’s worth it. Misplaced toys, stray buttons and hazardous toiletries are dangerous to both cats and dogs – keep your eye out for them at all times.

5. Be mindful of candles and scented items

Cat being cuddlesd by a young woman

With their fondness for heat and curious natures, cats and candles are a dangerous combination. Placing them on higher shelves isn’t always a solution, as there aren’t many parts of the home that remain out-of-reach to the capable climbers. Try using electric candles instead, for the same ambience without the flame. Essential oils and liquid pot pourri can also be toxic to your pets and should be avoided altogether.

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