5 ways to improve your evenings’ comfort

21 January 2016

With a wet and cold winter well and truly upon us, it's time to hunker down in front of the TV and get comfy;

We all like to be comfy and cosy this time of year. Whether you’re binging on Netflix or enjoying a glass of wine in front of the roaring fire.

But sometimes, no matter how relaxed you are, you just can’t seem to get yourself settled.

Here are a few tips to make your evening in much more enjoyable.

1. Change sitting position

Woman relaxing with feet up on couch watching TV

While your office might have ergonomic chairs and people employed to end back pain, when you get home all of that goes out the window as you slump on your sofa.

It’ll feel good to start with but slowly, your slouched posture will start to irritate you and the fidgeting begins.

Try to keep fairly upright and have your seating arranged in way that means you don’t have to turn your neck too much. Make sure your lower back is supported as this is where the pain tends to start.

2. Wrap up warm

Warmth and comfort go hand in hand. While some people prefer to be slightly cooler, getting comfy, especially at this time of year, tends to involve wrapping up warm. Using blankets can be a great tool, as if you start to get too warm you can take them off.

Stick on a thick pair of socks or slippers as feet, along with hands, are areas of the body that help regulate heat.

3. Use cushions

Cushions and pillows are a great way to make your seating arrangement perfect for you. If you’ve got a large sofa and your feet aren’t touching the ground, put a cushion behind the small of your back so you can sit further forward.

If your shoulders go over the sofa’s back, then use another cushion to prop up your head. Also, if you’re holding drinks or snacks, use a smaller pillow under your elbow.

Family relaxing on couch watching TV

4. Adjust TV position

While glare on TV screens is a lot less these days thanks to modern technology, sometimes your viewing angle still isn’t perfect and you’ll find yourself straining to see. Before you sit down, make sure the angle of the TV is pointed as directly at you as possible.

You also don’t want the TV to be too far or too close as this can put strain on your eyes. As a rough rule of thumb, if your TV is up to around 40 inches, then your perfect viewing distance is between 5 and 8 feet from the screen. The larger the screen, the further back you need to go.

5. Eat less

Having a big meal before you sit down for an evening in front of the TV could lead to anything from gas to general uncomfortableness. While sweet foods, alcohol and caffeine can give you the jitters.

Try and go for slow burning carbs usually found in fruit and vegetables and whole grains. These will leave you nicely full after the meal and will stop you getting hungry throughout the evening. 


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