Make your garden more environmentally friendly

24 July 2019

Green up your garden with these tips for making your backyard eco-friendly.

If you’ve got a little slice of nature outside your back door, why not do your bit for the planet and make your garden that little bit greener…

1. Avoid plastic

We all know the problems with plastic – particularly those single-use varieties – so why not make your garden a plastic-free zone? Wherever possible, opt for the non-plastic alternative like metal watering cans, terracotta flower pots and traditional string instead of cable ties. If you do have to go plastic, shop around for compostable options – there are often more than you’d think!

2. Grow your own food

Vegetable Garden

Speaking of plastic, do you ever get annoyed with all that plastic your fruit and vegetables get packaged in at the supermarket? Well, why not avoid this by growing your own instead? There’s plenty of produce you can grow in your back garden (from potatoes and carrots to tomatoes and peppers) and food always tastes that much better when you know you’ve grown it yourself!

3. Get a water butt

Water Butt

A super simple way to make a big difference is by installing a water butt on every drainpipe to stop all that rainwater from being wasted. Not only will this help you save on water bills, these butts can also become important environments in their own right for little creepy-crawlies and other animals who need a quick drink or bathe in the back garden.

4. Make your own fertiliser

Avoid adding any chemicals into the ecosystem by making your own all-natural fertilisers at home. Everything from food waste to grass clippings can be used to make fertiliser so there are plenty of ways you can get creative. Compost heaps are also a great way to improve the ecosystem as they provide habitats for all sorts of animals.

5. Improve the biodiversity

There are loads of ways you can improve the biodiversity of your garden, from opening up your very own bug hotel to simply making it easier for little critters to move in and out of your garden. Ponds are also an excellent way to promote wildlife in the backyard – even if it’s something as simple as a buried bucket – so there’s plenty of ways you can get creative!

Do you have any great ideas to make your garden eco-friendlier? Let us know in the comments below!

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