4 clever organisation tips to make the most of your small bathroom

12 June 2019

Small Bathroom

Looking for a way to declutter your bathroom and store all your towels and toiletries? Here, Gary Lyons, from storage experts Plastic Box Shop, gives his four clever ways to organise your space.

Your bathroom can collect a lot of clutter, especially if you’ve got a big family using only one room. With so many towels and toiletries, it can be hard to find a place to store it all, and if the space is only small, this can be even more of a challenge. Luckily, I’ll be giving you my four top storage tips, so you can make the most of your space and declutter your smaller bathroom.

1. Buy some storage boxes

From shampoo to razors, bathrooms can quite often collect a lot of clutter. You don’t want everything to be left lying around on counter spaces and shower floors, as this can make the room look a lot smaller. Go through your collection and throw away anything you don’t need or use, then keep what’s left in clear storage boxes so you know exactly what’s in each one at first glance. Store smaller items, like cotton wool, in clear glass jars on your countertop or on shelves. This way, you’ll always have them to hand and, if you pick some decorative jars, they can give your bathroom an extra beauty boost.

Bathroom drawers have a habit of getting particularly cluttered with smaller items. Adding dividers is the perfect way to store little things like nail clippers and hair pins that can easily get lost under bigger objects.

2. Create an efficient storage system

When you’re rushing around to get ready on a morning, you want to know exactly where everything is so you can grab it quickly. Create labels for your storage boxes so you can instantly see what’s inside them. Or, you could create a box for each member of the family, so they’ll know that whatever they’re looking for will be in one place.

Also, look to store things in easy to grab places. For example, you could keep extra toilet rolls next to or above the toilet for easy reach whenever you need it. For cupboards, store the things you use the most often towards the front, which will save you having to trawl through boxes and boxes of bathroom clutter to find what you need.

Using a lazy Susan or turntable is a great way to store those everyday toiletries and cleaning products. This will make them easier to get to and you can quickly search through your cupboards without having to move anything out of the way.

3. Make the most of awkward spaces

Small bathrooms can have very limited areas for storage, but even if your room has awkward corners and spaces, you can still use these to your advantage. It’s all about being clever with the space you’ve got and making the most of it. So, try some over the toilet shelving, corner shelving, or attach towel rails to the back of your bathroom door to make use of the dead space.

4. Get creative

The best thing about finding storage solutions is that it’s a great chance to get creative. Rolling your towels instead of folding them means you can store a larger number on shelves and in baskets. But, if you don’t have the floor or counter space for baskets, why not keep your rolled-up towels in a wall-mounted wine rack instead?

Small metal items, like hair pins, nail clippers and tweezers, can get lost quite easily in a cluttered bathroom, but a magnetic strip on the wall or counter can keep those metal tools in place. You could even add small magnets to the back of toothbrushes and makeup, so everything is in easy reach and won’t get lost.

Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, which means it can get a bit hectic and cluttered. But, by following my four simple tips, you can tidy up your space with clever storage solutions and make your busy weekday mornings just that little bit more efficient.

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