The Colour Psychology of Spring [Infographic]

16 May 2019

The season of renewal and vitality; Spring has long been an inspiration for interior designers looking to breathe life into a space. This infographic from EZ Living Interiors delves into the colour psychology of Spring and offers some tips on how you can inject some Spring personality into your home décor.

What Is Colour Psychology?

Did you know that colour provide a very strong medium of communication to the unconscious mind? In fact, your subconscious will try to read colours it before your active brain even notices them. Colour psychology refers to the study of how colour influences people’s behaviour and explores how different colours trigger different emotions.

Why Is Colour Psychology Used In Interior Design?

Colour psychology is used by interior designers when they want to establish a certain mood or atmosphere in a space. The colours can be used to enhance the function of a space – for example by enhancing productivity in a workspace or by producing a calming effect in a bedroom.

Seasonal Colour Psychology

Of the many schools of colour psychology, seasonal colour psychology is among the most popular. This theory posits that colours can be divided into four main categories – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – and each of these palettes tie into a certain personality profile. In other words, people matching a certain seasonal personality will find themselves to be naturally drawn to certain colour palettes. 

What is the Spring Personality?

The Spring personality reflects this season of energy and growth. Common traits of those with a Spring personality include:

  1. Extraverted
  2. Creative
  3. Playful
  4. Energetic
  5. Party animal
  6. Optimistic

Home Décor Tips for Spring Personalities

Spring personalities tend to prefer spaces that bring to mind the natural freshness of the Spring season. In terms of interior design, they enjoy lots of natural light, bright colours, the use of greenery, and they delight in small, playful accents.

To learn more about the colour psychology of spring, check out the infographic below.

The Colour Psychology of Spring Infographic

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